Branding and

Brand Positioning

Vector3 integrates competences in its branding projects and conducts efficient and applicable delivery of branding management instruments in everything we do.
  • Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Visual and Verbal Expression
  • Brand design and architecture
  • Personnel Mobilization and Awareness

Brand is one of the most significant assets for organizations from any origins, sectors, sizes, and characteristics.

We are passionate about brandings. We developed our methodologies throughout the years by conducting projects and studying fundamentals.

Our work starts earlier in the process and goes beyond branding visual expressions. We get a hold of its essence.

  • We map character
  • We create concepts
  • We develop verbal identity – tone of voice, brand voice, language guidance, buzzwords
  • We built visual identity – brand design and guidelines
  • We organize and structure brand groups, families, and universes.